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Female Fitness Influencer Shows Off Her “Pump” in Hopes of Lifting Mike Tyson During Legend’s International Business Venture Meet and Greet

Mike Tyson was a rich man who was worth almost $400 million during the heydays of his boxing career. His earnings came from his boxing matchups and the stints he did as endorsements.

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Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Opens His Own Coffee Shop in Amsterdam: ‘I Should Have Done it Much Sooner’

In his business Tyson 2.0 on the Spuistraat in Amsterdam, the legendary boxer takes a hit on a joint.

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Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Meets Fans in an Amsterdam Coffee Shop: ‘I Actually Want to Challenge Him’

None other than boxing legend Iron Mike Tyson is in Amsterdam for the opening of his own Coffeeshop Tyson 2.0

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Boxing: Mike Tyson Visits Own Coffeeshop in Amsterdam: “My Family Begs Me to Smoke Week”

Earlier this year, Mike Tyson opened his own coffee shop on Spuistraat in Amsterdam. Today the legend himself came by to put it to the test and made time for his fans.

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