About Carma

Where Legends Transform into Legacy

Where Legends Transform
into Legacy

Carma HoldCo

Carma HoldCo. is not just a licensing powerhouse – we’re the architects of unforgettable brand stories. Born from a vision to transform the star power of global icons into impactful products and collaborations, we’ve established ourselves as the nexus where legendary status meets consumer demand.

At Carma HoldCo., it’s our brands that shine brightest. Powered by a team deeply versed in brand building and marketing, we carefully curate and magnify the legacies of iconic names. Our dedication is simple: bring forward unmatched products and collaborations that stand the test of time.

As we journey into the future, we’re thrilled to showcase these iconic brands, further enhancing their legendary status on the world stage.

Our Mission

We don’t just license, we elevate. Our mission is to capture the timeless essence of global icons, crafting a portfolio that stands as a beacon of recognition and desire worldwide. By intertwining the allure of these iconic personalities with our brand creations, we build bridges that connect consumers across continents, offering unmatched value, authenticity and ingenuity.

Carma Team

Meet Our People

Adam Wilks

President, Co-Founder & CEO

Kirk Tovey

Chairman Of The Board

Alex Spiro

Board Member

Ryan Schinman

Board Member